Requirements To Be A Freelance Courier

If you're looking to work as a self employed courier it's important to know if you're up to the task. Many people choose a choice of career for the wrong reasons, soon realising they weren't up to the task or were never suited to the task.

We're going to take a look at some traits and skills that are highly recommended to start a freelance courier career. Meeting these requirements will ensure that you're successful.

Driving Ability / Vehicle

Perhaps obvious, but you should have a valid driving license and vehicle to make your deliveries. You won't get very far on foot.

Self employed courier requirements

Driving For Long Periods

Naturally, you'll spend a lot of time in your vehicle. It's very important that you're able to drive for long periods safely, this means staying alert, awake and motivated.

If you're the type of person that gets very stiff driving for long periods, suffers road rage or would simply rather not be on the road then becoming a self employed courier probably isn't for you.

Invoicing, Figures and Organisation

Part of being self employed as a courier means doing your own invoicing and taxes. You should have a reasonable ability to work your tax and accounting, or be ready to use an accountant to do this for you.

You should also be ready to keep all records, receipts and documents about your business, and be an organised person, or at least be ready to learn how to become one.


You're working for yourself, probably alone, so its important to rely on your own initiative. There's no hand holding involved, rely on your own abilities and managing yourself and your time efficiently.

A Sense Of Direction

Yes, 'sat navs' are now common place, but this comes with and more cost and a notorious reputation of leading people on goose chase. Time is everything as a courier, any time spent navigating a wrong turn or being completely lost is a potential loss on your earnings, or even not making a delivery on time!

Sat navs are very useful, especially on long journeys, but they are no substitute for a natural sense of direction.

Some common sense

This isn't meant as insulting but as with any job or career choice, having a bit of intelligence goes a long way...

Having a bit about you will help you succeed. Your earning potential is entirely based on your own ability, nobody is going to give hand outs. From maximizing your efficiency with time, to spotting a bad contract a mile away, having at least an average amount of intelligence will allow you to go far as a courier!

Image courtesy of sunshinecity under Creative Commons